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Ready to help us run the store, run the restaurant and run self-service banking in Europe, the Middle East or Africa? Our operations cover 42 countries with over 100 locations, about 11,000 employees and 12 different business units.
Services, PS, HR, Sales, HR, CMPA, Software


Find your dream role In Belgrade, where we’re focused on accelerating our “NCR As a Service” support model. With 4,000+ employees, we support customers around the globe in 20 languages.

With Digital Connected Services, we can manage any device with a chip in a store, restaurant or bank so our customers can focus on their business while we focus on their IT.

Our Belgrade Campus, scheduled to open later this year, will be a state-of-the-art workplace that will enhance our collaboration with universities and help us take part in new global business developments and trends.

Global Services, PS, Software, Sales


Two of our key locations are Dundee in Scotland and London, England, with a large field-based services organization. Across the UK, we employee 2,000+ people in a range of roles.

In Dundee, you can join our EMEA R&D center team responsible for driving self-service banking innovations like continuous development of next-gen software, hardware and ATM systems, in addition to other roles in finance, HR, marketing and professional services (PS).

Our London office is home to many of our sales and PS employees who work closely with customers to support their business needs and shape solutions to solve their challenges. We also have our CEC here, a state-of-the-art demonstration center where we preview our latest solutions and technologies for customers.

Software, Hospitality, Professional Services


Our Prague office houses one of our software development centers—come help us think outside the box and deliver innovative solutions for our hospitality and retail customers. You’ll join more than 300 professionals from the software industry and supporting groups, including PS and Services.

Professional Services, HR


Our main headquarters for these regions, our Cyprus location is the hub for PS and finance. Almost 200 employees work at our Nicosia office to help us deliver future-proofing solutions for global customers.

R&D software, PS


About 650 people in our Ra’anana office support our retail solutions with software research & development and professional services.

PS, Global Services and Sales


About 200 people in the United Arab Emirates work together from our offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai to deliver professional services, sales and supply management support to customers across the MEA region.

Other countries in the region

Saudi Arabia
“When I joined NCR in 2014, the business had only been in Serbia for three years. I knew about the company’s tradition, innovations and its importance in transforming businesses globally. I was proud that NCR decided to launch operations in my region, and consequently, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to be part of such a powerful company. Since then, I have been able to grow in my career and now, as General Manager of Serbia, help grow NCR’s presence in Serbia and across Europe.”
Stefan Lazarevic

EMEA External Affairs Director and General Manager – Serbia

“NCR is constantly evolving to best support its customers. And because of this, I have also had the chance to evolve. I’ve had different roles in different business environments around the world, living in Colombia, USA, UK and Spain. There is a consistenty with NCR, regardless of location: caring for customers and employees, innovation and transformation.”
Gloria Villalobos

Field Services Senior General Manager – Spain

“Every day is different. I could be walking into work to test new equipment, document a new process or support a new customer or employee onboarding. I get to speak to people all around the world every day and continually improve and learn my technical competency. Even though every day is different, the goal is the same: make life easier for people!”
Jason Handsley

Technical Support Specialist – England, UK

“Working at a global company, I’m able to understand the industries we work with not only in my region, but around the world. This has given a broader perspective of what our customers need to thrive.”
Mahmoud Alkhatib

Agile Scrum Master – Oman

“While working at NCR, I realized what I love doing: Analytics and helping my colleagues, playing detective and figuring out simpler, faster ways to go about solving problems. NCR is always growing, changing, and developing, giving me a chance to grow with it.”
Sara Ould Hamouda

Business Operations Analyst – Serbia

“Having the opportunity to work with so many individuals from around the world opens doors for unlimited personal and professional development. That’s why I say that NCR is another university-like experience for me.”
Panicos Demetriades

Professional Services – Cyprus

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