iSupplier Portal


What is the iSupplier Portal?


In order to better serve your needs, NCR is implementing a new way of processing procure-to-pay transactions with our suppliers worldwide. iSupplier Portal (iSP) is an Internet self-service tool, which gives suppliers the ability to directly access information and enter business transactions across the procure-to-pay life cycle. This is a secured web site and you will only be able to access information related to your supplier site. Login to iSupplier Portal


The following are iSP?s main capabilities: 




  • Acknowledge Purchase Orders
  • Change Promised Dates for Delivery
  • Enter Advanced Shipment Notices (ASN)
  • Enter Invoice 



  • Invoices Received
  • Payments Sent
  • Open Delivery Schedules
  • Overdue Receipts
  • Supplier Item Summary
  • Purchase Orders
  • Receipt History
  • On-time Delivery Performance
  • Returns
  • Supplier Shipping Schedules
  • Purchase Order History 

Due to local statutory requirements electronic invoicing via iSP is not allowed in some countries. Suppliers invoicing NCR Purchase Orders for these countries must submit original paper invoices rather than via iSP. However, these suppliers may utilize iSP for its many other self-service features (for example: view POs, Invoices, and Payments). 



PDF iconNCR Operating Units Migrated to ERP / iSP (pdf) 


How does iSupplier Portal benefit suppliers 


  • Easy-to-use interface in a self-service environment
  • Real-time access to procure-to-pay information 7X24X365
  • Easy access through a standard web browser
  • Information transparency across the procure-to-pay cycle, from the moment the purchase order is available to the final payment
  • Single point of visibility for information across all of NCR?s operating units (ERP enabled countries)
  • Ability to submit real-time shipment notices and generate invoices against purchase orders
  • Tight messaging integration through eMail notifications
  • Cycle time reduction
  • Ability to provide better customer service while working more efficiently 

Frequently asked questions 


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  • My company does business with several NCR Business Units or Divisions. Which Divisions in NCR have upgraded to this tool and which have not?
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Internet Supplier Portal (iSP) gives suppliers the ability to directly access information and enter business transactions online.