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Every day, there’s a good chance you interact with NCR technology, whether depositing a check on your mobile phone, ordering at a restaurant, checking out at the supermarket or shopping online.

That’s because we’re the world’s #1 software and services technology partner of choice to run the store, restaurant and consumer self-service banking. And we want you to help us innovate to run their operations even better—so our customers can focus on what matters. It’s how we make simple possible.

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“Since joining NCR, I haven’t stopped learning. Each day, I look forward to meeting new people, working through problems with my fellow engineers and getting my hands dirty. It’s the greatest feeling when you fix a machine for a customer and you know you have instantly made their day easier.”
Sara Park

Field Technician – England, UK

“People around the world interact with NCR every day. It’s exciting to know that we imagine, create and support the technology in people’s hands that make shopping, traveling, eating or banking easier for them.“
Zsolt Trencseny

Executive Director, Software Engineering – Czechia

“I know what it means to put the customer first because of NCR. As an employee, I feel valued, fulfilled and respected. During onboarding, we are taught to treat our customers the same way, ensuring our work provides both a positive customer and employee experience. This mindset makes working here so enjoyable!“
Ying Han

Professional Services Consultant – China

“NCR has a persona of a sharp engineering mind – works with customers to identify problem areas quickly, delivers the right solution fast and helps the customer navigate things quickly. This is how we make simple possible.”
Anshuman Vatsyayan 

Executive Director, Software Engineering – India

“NCR is constantly transforming, making me develop myself as well. NCR brings transparency, motivation and connection, which enables you to live the NCR strategy, mission and vision.”
Raquel Sobrinho

Human Resources Manager – Brazil

Veterans experience

As a military veteran, you’ve made significant contributions that protect the countries where we live and work. We appreciate all that you’ve done, and welcome your natural leadership, spirit of teamwork, resiliency and strong work ethic. These are the principles that enable us to put our customers first, and we honor and support your experience as a veteran. Come be a part of a strong team of dedicated colleagues working in a supportive environment in which you can build a long-term, successful career beyond your military service.

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NCR Leadership and Career Growth

Our customers are facing challenges to maintain and grow market share, as well as to stay ahead in everchanging markets, like never before. Ready or not—it’s time to digitally transform.

Banks, retailers and restaurants today need creative, transformational partners, who can help them confidently face their industry challenges and move forward.  

Owning our customer-first strategy, our executive leaders empower our diverse specialist teams to do great things for our customers and make simple possible every day.