NCR Edge

Run your stores like your digital channel

Maximize the performance of your store infrastructure and elevate the customer experience

Give your stores an EDGE

The winners in retail will have the agility to test and deploy new applications and install software updates across the entire store estate quickly, reliably, and at low cost.

NCR Edge accelerates rollout of new application features and maximizes the performance of your store infrastructure. Purpose built for the retail edge, our unique software enables applications to run where they are most efficient with centralized application and infrastructure lifecycle management for better manageability, observability, cost and control.

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Run A/B tests on your POS and SCO at ecommerce speed
Run services in the cloud and in the store
Deploy software updates across your store estate at the click of a mouse

One unified infrastructure that runs and manages virtualized applications and containerized microservices from a single cloud-hosted management control plane, reducing the time for customers to move from lab, to pilot to production rollouts

The Urgency of Running Retail Edge Infrastructure for Stores

Until now, many retailers have focused on the cloud, without recognizing the need to incorporate an edge strategy. Retailers need both.

Download the IDC Technology Spotlight to read more.

Build a winning Retail Edge strategy

Every retailer needs an Edge strategy, or they will get left behind.

NCR are leaders at the retail edge and can help you devise a strategy that optimizes your store IT performance and delivers the experiences your customers expect.

  • Does your strategy force-fit cloud or data center technology in the store? 
  • Can it enhance your legacy and modern technology?
  • Will it handle retail devices and peripherals? 
  • Is that aligned with your business outcomes?
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