Environmental, Social & Governance oversight

We're setting the right tone at the top so we can execute on what our employees, customers, shareholders, rating agencies, suppliers and communities care about most.

Georgette D. Kiser

Risk Committee Chair, NCR

At NCR, environmental, social and governance (ESG) play a vital role in our ability to make simple possible. Our Board of Directors is committed to making NCR a leader in ESG and holds oversight responsibilities for certain ESG matters.

Board oversight

We demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability by housing ESG oversight within the Risk Management function at the Board of Directors and management levels.

The NCR Risk Committee of the Board oversees our enterprise risk management program, including oversight of ESG components such as business ethics and integrity, data protection, privacy and security, health and safety, DE&I, environmental management, product innovation and management, and supplier responsibility. The Board Audit Committee may also liaise to review guidelines and policies with the Risk Committee.

Office of risk management

At the management level, our Office of Risk Management and Chief Risk Officer assist NCR and the Risk Committee in fulfilling its objectives relating to enterprise risk management (ERM), ESG, third-party risk management (TPRM), and business continuity program (BCP).

Our Chief Risk Officer is responsible for developing and managing formal ERM, ESG, TPRM, and BCP programs designed to identify, assess, and respond to the material and emerging risks and opportunities that may impact our strategic objectives. We have also established an Executive Risk Committee that meets routinely to monitor material risks, opportunities, and our response plans.