Environmental, Social & Governance

Product Innovation & Management

At NCR, we understand that responsible product innovation and stewardship account for the full product lifecycle. That’s why we’re diligent in ensuring that we’re developing, adapting and recycling our products in the most responsible way possible. Read more about our efforts to create environmentally conscious solutions while maintaining industry-leading product quality.

Product Innovation & Management

We understand that responsible product stewardship starts with innovative and sustainable product design. From idea to final development, we continuously strive to improve our products’ environmental design to maximize recycling and reuse opportunities. We are also exploring opportunities to enhance the packaging of our products and have already applied environmentally responsible material substitutions, ensuring that our packaging is 100% recyclable.

Delivering solutions and services that provide value to our customers in an environmentally responsible way is critical to NCR’s ongoing success. NCR applications, such as Intelligent Deposit and Self-Service Diagnostic Gateway (SSDG), enable our SelfServ ATM customers to better handle the increasing volume and sophistication of financial transactions. These features cut overall costs while reducing the associated maintenance, material, energy and fuel consumption.

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Product quality management

Delivering solutions and services that run our customers’ retail, restaurant and self-service banking operations is critical to our success. A key component of the value we bring to our customers is the quality of those solutions and services. Everyone at NCR has a shared responsibility to ensure their daily activities deliver quality to the next step in the process and, ultimately, to our end customer.

Given our commitment to quality management, we’ve received ISO 9001 certifications in 17 countries. It is NCR’s policy to comply with applicable laws and regulations including the European Union Directive on the Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH). To this end, NCR requires its supply chain to adhere to NCR’s Supplier Code of Conduct which includes compliance with applicable regulatory laws. We also provide extensive Safety Data Sheets (SDS) with important safety information about NCR consumable products.

For more information, please visit our RoHS page. 

Product recycling programs

As a member of the global marketplace and community, we take every effort to provide responsible solutions for the benefit of our customers and the environment in which we deploy our products, operations and services. As a result, we maintain product recycling programs to ensure secure and environmentally responsible product decommissioning, recycling, treatment and disposal.

NCR partners with local recyclers to offer our ATM customers options for recycling their end-of-life equipment. Through our global partners, NCR ATMs are responsibly decommissioned and recycled. And we offer options for our hospitality customers to refurbish or recycle their products (both NCR-developed and those provided by other OEMs) at the end of their lifecycle through our Advanced Exchange Program. To date, approximately 90% of NCR’s hospitality products are eligible for the Advanced Exchange Program globally.

NCR is a proactive participant in local and international recycling programs in the markets we operate, including the EU Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).