Technology partners


Digital Check  |  INETCO® Systems Limited  |  Mitek Systems  |  mFoundry

APG Cash Drawer  |  Epson  |  Intel  |  Motorola Solutions  |  MS Cash Drawer  |  OMNTEC Mfg., Inc.  |  Oneac  |  Powervar  |  Telequip

McAfee  |  VendorNet

Agilysys  |  It Just Works Software Corporation (IJWS)  |  Penn Center Systems  |  Ready Credit  |  Ultra Electronics


Financial Partners

Digital Check
Digital Check has a legacy which includes contract manufacturing, complete technical support services, and customized engineering solutions

INETCO® Systems Limited
Business transaction management software and communications gateway products for monitoring transactions and optimizing application performance within card processing and other complex transaction environments.

Mitek Systems
Mitek Systems mobile imaging solutions use patented document capture software that allows consumers to use the camera on their smartphone or tablet to take a photo of a document to perform tasks and facilitate commerce.

mFoundry is the leading provider of mobile banking and payment solutions in the U.S., currently providing mobile banking solutions to more than 600 banks.

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Hospitality Partners 

APG Cash Drawer
APG Cash Drawer manufactures a broad range of high-quality cash drawers and other related products found in a variety of retail environments including fast food, hospitality, fine dining, gasoline service stations, mass merchandising, convenience stores, and general retail.

Epson offers an extensive array of image capture and image output products for the consumer, business, and graphic arts markets.

Intel and NCR are working together to offer comprehensive solutions, comprised of leading software and hardware, to the retail and hospitality industry.

Motorola Solutions
Motorola Solutions connects people through technology. Businesses and government agencies around the world turn to Motorola Solutions innovations when they want highly connected teams that have the information they need throughout their workdays and in the moments that matter most to them.

MS Cash Drawer
MS Cash Drawer Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of cash drawers for the POS industry. We support printer interfaces, serial, parallel and USB interfaces, and a number of POS terminal interfaces.

OMNTEC Mfg., Inc.
OMNTEC designs and manufactures state-of-the-art tank monitoring, leak detection, and refrigeration management systems.  OMNTEC solutions provide a cost-effective approach to total storage tank management. .

ONEAC is a power quality solutions provider focused on delivering value to leading companies in demanding industries including retail automation.

POWERVAR is the leading manufacturer of power protection solutions for the POS industry. In addition to standard power conditioners and uninterruptible power supply products, the company offers its patented Ground Guard® technology (available in both power conditioning and uninterruptible power products).

Telequip is the world’s leading manufacturer of automated coin dispensing equipment. Telequip provides standalone and embedded coin dispensing solutions across a broad range of retail and hospitality markets.

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Retail Partners

McAffee and NCR's partnership serves to secure your entire retail store environment from the POS to the back office.

VendorNet delivers cross-channel integration and supply chain management software solutions that seamlessly integrate multi-channel retailers with all fulfillment locations including warehouses, stores, and third-party suppliers.

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Travel Partners

Agilysys is a leading developer and marketer of proprietary enterprise software, services and solutions to the hospitality and retail industries.

It Just Works Software Corporation (IJWS)
IWJS is a leader in the self service check-in/check-out kiosk market and has partnered with large resellers to build an international install base.

Penn Center Systems
As a leading systems provider, PCS is uniquely positioned to help our customers achieve success with world-class hardware, application software, professional services and ongoing support.

Ready Credit
Ready Credit offers affordable prepaid and bill pay services through easy to use ReadySTATION self service kiosks.

Ultra Electronics
Ultra is one of the leading providers of Airport Information solutions, serving more than 100 airports worldwide.

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