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The Convergence of Digital and Physical Business with NFTs and Satoshi Island

DAOs are often built around or related to cryptocurrencies, a digital currency functioning as a medium of exchange and store of value that operates autonomously through software and is not reliant on government regulation or intervention.

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Cutting Through the Noise of the Metaverse

Retailers and hospitality companies thinking about the new virtual realm may do well to start with the physical and build backward, according to a leading Metaverse seer.

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Creating a purpose-driven culture

An encounter with a paralyzed graffiti artist inspired Mick Ebeling to use technology to change the world for the better.

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A Deep Dive on the Dynamics of Ghost Kitchens

In this discussion, he talks about how ghost kitchens work, what opportunities they offer to restaurant brands, and how this trend will remake the restaurant and food sector.

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Spotting Trends That Shape the Future

For decades, best-selling management author Rita McGrath has been at the forefront of innovation. She shares how her experiences have helped her understand where to look to see the early signs of the next big trend.

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