Digital Online Ordering Software

Create a digital channel to protect your profits and <g2>own your guest experience online.<g2>

A restaurant online ordering solution that enables consumers to order directly from you for curbside pickup and delivery.  Provide your customers with multiple ways to place  orders in a quick and easy manner.
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Aloha Online Ordering System

Own your digital channels and customer data

Manage the experience your guests have with your brand – end-to-end – while collecting crucial data points that help you improve guest satisfaction.

  • 86 items in the kitchen and easily update menus
  • Enable future online orders and scheduling for convenience
  • Upload your logo and food images for your submenus, items and modifiers
Contactless restaurant technologies

Go completely contactless

Remove the need to touch physical items and increase your speed of service inside and outside your restaurant.

  • Let your guests order and pay on their own devices using QR codes in your restaurant
  • Create specific menus for dine-in, pickup and delivery to manage volume, streamline orders and offer food & bev that travels well.
  • Capture car make and model when guests place their orders for curbside pickup
Online Ordering

Take advantage of third-party delivery

Offer delivery on your online ordering site through a third-party delivery partner who will handle the last mile of delivery for you so you don't have to manage your own in-house fleet of drivers.

Key Features of Aloha Digital Online Ordering

QR Code Payments
Multiple Order Modes & Menus
Manage multiple menus and order entry points with menu sync. Separate order modes and menus for curbside pickup, in-house delivery and third-party delivery.

And, changes are accurately reflected everywhere  for a consistent customer experience and simpler operations and training.
QR-Code Order & Pay
Give your guests a full contactless experience whether they’re dining in or out. They can order, pay and tip all through your app or website on their personal device, giving them the ability to control the whole experience.

Guests may not even have to engage with staff, creating a truly contactless experience.
Digital Receipts
Modifier Options
Require guests to select modifiers to create an item, add modifier codes and quantities and leverage nested modifiers.

This creates a quick, frustration-free ordering system with high levels of accuracy.
Saved Credit Cards
Submenus & Time
Offer menu items and submenus by certain days and times.

Queue orders by delivery schedule regardless of when and where they’re placed, creating a convenient option for your staff and your guests who can also place future day orders using any channel.
Loyalty & Stored Values
Responsive Design
Provide better user experience with a responsive design available across all devices such as computers, tablets or mobile.

When guests order via mobile, they’ll use a new responsive site design that adapts to their screen size.
Branded UI
Custom Branding
Create a consistent brand experience by customizing your online and mobile ordering platform.

Upload your logo and pictures of your menu items to extend your customer’s experience and make visits more memorable.
CUstomer Highlight

Fifth Group Restaurants uses Aloha Online Ordering to reach new customers

Online Ordering Ebook

Give your guests an easy and consistent contactless experience that keeps them coming back

Restaurants that are successfully increasing their revenues from takeout and delivery sales are doing so by finding ways to offer exceptional, branded, customer experiences across all digital channels. With NCR, you can ramp up mobile and online ordering using your own branding and maintaining control over the experience.

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When dining rooms closed due to COVID-19, Fresco's needed a new online ordering system to make up sales–fast. NCR Aloha to the rescue!


Looking for an <g2>all-in-one<g2> restaurant POS and management platform?

From digital ordering and loyalty to point-of-sale and partner integrations, Aloha gives you everything you need to run your restaurants end-to-end. With both global scale and a local focus, our restaurant industry experts work with you to solve your difficult challenges.

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