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Our platform includes everything you need to enable your customers to pay via EMV, digital wallet and more.
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Contactless Restaurant POS

Process restaurant payments on a platform that delivers security, simplicity and innovation.

Next day funding – Quicker access to your funds to grow your business and stay ahead of operating costs

Simple pricing – Easy to understand processing rates and pricing

Point-to-point encryption – Protects your brand and your customers data

One number to call – Single partner for all your POS and payment needs

Key Features

NCR Payment Processing

QR Code Payments
Next Day Funding
Get money deposited in your account faster to better manage your business.
EMV Enablement
Process payments with EMV and NFC technology to help prevent fraud.
Digital Receipts
Chargeback Management
Manage your chargebacks easily.
Saved Credit Cards
Robust Reporting
Access reports, including real-time authorization, ACH, deposits, batch capture, funding, chargebacks and more.
Loyalty & Stored Values
Payments Processing
Provides cost-effective processing of payment types across all channels, from authorization to clearing and settlement.
Branded UI
Secure Gateway
Protects against data security threats with point-to-point encryption.
Considerations When Choosing Payment Processor

Four considerations when choosing a payment processor.

Cash used to be king. Today, plastic - namely credit and debit cards - is essential to a restaurant's transactional platform. While processing companies generally provide a straightforward business solution...choosing one to provide service and transparency isn't so simple.

Equinox Luxe 6200m PCI 5.x Pinpad

The Luxe 6200m is  a Validated P2PE (VP2PE) solution with the NCR Gateway that can be implemented tethered next to a fixed position point-of-sale or as a mobile WiFi option with or without a printer for pay at table, curb-side or outside drive thru service.  The device includes the following communication and connectivity options:

  • Bluetooth® Low Energy, WLAN, 4G LTE, Ethernet, Dial, USB Type B, Powered USB and combinations of each.
  • Wired or battery-operated power module with optional printer.

Equinox Luxe 6200m PCI 5.x Pinpad
Equinox Luxe 8500i

The Luxe™ 8500i integrated payment terminal combines sleek, elegant design features with a smart and secure architecture that elevates the customer experience by turning the point of sale into an engaging point of interaction.

  • High-definition touch display in a five-inch screen size
  • PCI PTS 5.x certified and PCI P2PE v3.0 validated for Domains 1 & 5

Equinox Luxe 8500i
Verifone Engage P400 PCI 5.x Pinpad

An alternative to the Luxe 6200m also offered with the NCR Gateway VP2PE solution, the Engage P400 is Verifone’s compact pinpad with latest PCI 5.x certification.  Only the tethered model is available for POS. This premium device encourages greater customer engagement and better return. Intuitive user interface with 3.5-inch color touch screen and greater pixel resolution to accommodate the latest multimedia innovations. Accepts the full range of payment options and processes transactions quickly, for higher customer throughput and greater satisfaction.

Verifone Engage P400 PCI 5.x Pinpad
Verifone Engage M400 PCI 5.x Pinpad

The Verifone M400 takes the multilane experience to a whole new level. Boasting a sleek, new, innovative design, and stunning 5" multitouch display with superior screen resolution, this powerful device captivates. The Verifone M400 incorporates all the latest payment technology, including acceptance of the latest payment types, as well as beacon capabilities for added flexibility and delivery of personalized offers and value-added services. View specification sheet here.

Verifone Engage M400 PCI 5.x Pinpad

Our restaurant POS solutions are built by industry experts to help increase guest engagement, speed and efficiency.

Aloha POS hardware
Aloha Cloud
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Aloha Essentials
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Customer Care & Onboarding Support
Payment Processing + EMV
Basic Loyalty
Restaurant Grade Hardware
Email Marketing
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Online Ordering
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Contactless Order & Payments via QR Code
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Advanced Reporting & Business Intelligence
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Gift Cards
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Advanced Loyalty and Marketing
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Digital Signage
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Labor and Inventory Management
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