Grocery, Drug and Mass Merchandise

Enhance customer experience while reducing grocery store complexity.

From POS to payments to back office and beyond, we simplify and connect your operations so you can focus on your customer—and the future.
Run your store end-to-end without the complexity.

What if your store could be the one customers choose above all others? Think totally smooth shopping, speedy checkout, and contactless options. Imagine your store filled with customers happily shopping, sharing their great experiences on social, and coming back again and again. NCR’s end-to-end technology helps you do all that, and more. As your business continues to grow, let NCR help you implement technology, again and again, that both you and your customers will love.

Grocery & Drugstores
Our next-gen POS system built for grocery retail

Whether your need to run one store or thousands, we can help with:

  • Customizable systems for streamlined updates and new feature introduction.
  • Shortened time-to-market for new capabilities through central configuration.
  • Comprehensive and secure payments capabilities.
  • Extensive promotions capabilities.
  • Industry standard open APIs, for faster integration with third parties and flexible integration.
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Faster, frictionless checkout

With NCR self-chekcout software, you can:

  • Support ever-evolving customer missions, whether that’s exceptional customer service or a frictionless experience
  • Empower your associates with the tools they need to excel in customer service, reduce operational costs, and redeploy labor to support higher-value tasks.
  • Lower your TCO with high availability, remote systems management and over 150 POS integrations.
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eCommerce, purpose-built for grocery

Now it’s simple to seamlessly close the loop between your online and in-store customer experiences.

With NCR eCommerce powered by Freshop, you’ll get:

  • A personalized web and mobile ordering solution
  • Powerful picking and fulfillment capabilities
  • Efficient pickup or delivery process
  • Cloud-native and white-labeled versatility

Grocery chains count on Freshop for curbside pickupt to delivery, and implementation is easy: it works with your store’s existing systems for fast, easy integration and a seamless user experience.

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Excellent engagement

Optimize your marketing campaigns using experiential and transactional data:

  • Reallocate your dedicated campaign management staff to other priorities through automated marketing programs.
  • Identify and reward high-value customers while deprioritizing marketing spend on lower-interaction customers.
  • Understand the potential lifetime value of your customers and deliver timely, relevant offers.
  • Use spend and non-spend data to gain deeper insight into what your guests value so you can focus your marketing efforts on driving repeat visits.
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Better data, better insights

Get an analytics platform that offers near real-time insights that improve efficiency and decision-making. Including:

  • Predictive insights around loss prevention
  • Cloud-based analytics and reporting
  • Seamless integration using NCR’s Business Services Layer
  • Near real-time analysis and reports
  • Configurable alerts via email
  • Data visualization
  • Custom metric creation
  • Self-serve and customization
  • Mobile readiness
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Payments, safe and secure

Your customers need to know that their credit card information and other personal data is secure when they shop with you, and you need to safeguard your business from bad actors to avoid costly fraudulent incidents. NCR helps you process transactions securely, all the way from the PIN pad to the processor.

  • Flexible payment transaction
  • Centralized electronic payment management
  • Regulation compliance
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Online shopping service NCR Freshop enables smooth curbside pickup

Northgate Market needed to quickly add curbside pickup, but didn’t have online ordering. So, we delivered NCR Freshop and now customers have a safe, fast way to pick up groceries.

Insights that help you run your store.

5 Things Your Grocery E-Commerce Needs
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