Transform your store with telecom storefront solutions

Reimagine your in-store experience
and keep customers coming back for more.


Empower your next-generation retail store customer and create a superior digital self-service experience

Simplify your in-store solution management and accelerate your retail transformation with NCR-as-a-Service. NCRaaS is a customizable solution set that offers bundled services delivered through a monthly subscription for an agreed to term. Typically, NCRaaS can incorporate H/W, S/W, Device (Kiosk / ATM) management, software and remote monitoring and management.

Improve your customer engagement at every touchpoint with NCR’s transformation consultancy service.

A specialist team of experiential and operational experts, creating new solutions and technology adoption that will accelerate your store differentiation and digital experiences.

  • Consumer experience design
  • Store of the future innovation
  • Business process optimization
  • New technology implementation
  • Loyalty and promotions program
  • Channel itegration

NCR offers a family of self-service devices to support high volume over-the-counter transactions—payments, top-ups, customer service, customer self check-out, and SIM card replacements

  • Improve the in-store customer experience with easy-to-use, accessible self-service devices that support multiple languages and tender options
  • Redeploy store personnel to service higher value activity, driving increased store revenue and customer satisfaction
  • Reduce customer wait and transaction times
  • Sell expanded inventory (endless aisle) or monetize out of stock events

NCR offers an enterprise grade software solution for optimizing self-service transactions and delivering proven results for both consumers and businesses, transforming your customer interactions into amazing experiences by leveraging on our self-service expertise. The NCR nKiosk platform enables you to easily create, deploy and operate a comprehensive Kiosk network that improves the end-user experience

  • Central server-based scalable architecture
  • Customizable transaction set tailored to your customer requirements
  • User-friendly, full multi-lingual support
  • Comprehensive monitoring and reporting capability

Highlight and manage your in-store digital content to change the way you communicate with your customers:

  • Easy-to-use, cloud-based and scalable platform that be managed by any employee
  • Create and deploy new content within minutes, without IT support
  • Manage geographically dispersed sites from a single workstation
  • Designed to integrate with your existing systems


Fashioned expressly to enhance any store environment, these sleek and dramatic designs carry forward NCR’s rich heritage of innovation, adaptability, potent performance and unrelenting toughness.

  • Stable and elongated life cycles, software-certified to simplify support and minimize your TCO
  • Complete range of displays, customer displays printers, scanners and other peripherals

Purpose-built, consistent and integrated data across all channels, users and automated sources to deliver on your business value.

  • Single version of truth
  • Data-driven advanced analysis
  • Insight for decision making
  • Utilize multiple data sources to grow customers and reduce churn

Why use NCR Telecom Storefront Solutions?

Transform, connect and run your telecom storefront on one unified platform.