Transaction & Channel Platforms

Let customers start transactions in one channel and finish seamlessly in another—without back office chaos.

Customers can bank seamlessly between channels—empower your bank staff to follow them

For many banks, channels and transactions live in silos that don’t talk to each other, and legacy architectures create redundancy and duplicative work that’s a pain to manage.

But with NCR, we reintegrate your technology so it works together as one system, using microservices, APIs, containers and the cloud. Now it’s simple to move with the market—and stay in step with your customers, anywhere they are.

Banking Digital First World

Bring all your transaction channels together
for your customers—and your back office. 

In banking, there’s a lot of old backend technology that doesn’t always work together or offer one view of the customer across transaction channels. It’s a struggle to update, connect or change any application from one channel to the next, making innovation slow. 

The NCR Channel Services Platform unifies shared channel services and microservices across all transaction channels. Now, it’s simple to add or update services across the branch, call center, ATMs and digital banking—and it’s much faster to innovate and compete.

Make check depositing fast and easy, wherever it happens.

Let your customers deposit checks anywhere, anytime: at the branch, at the ATM, online from corporate and small business locations, or on-the-go using mobile devices. With one common re-usable architecture, NCR supports all remote deposit capture channels on a single, integrated and scalable platform.

Break free from siloed, legacy systems
and future-proof your payments business.

Some customers pay only with plastic. Some wave their phones at the ATM or POS. Others transfer money with an app in real time or use a smartwatch. And everyone shops online. With all the different payment channels, one thing is clear: consumers expect to make payments and move money when, where and how they want.

To meet the demand, financial institutions have to break free from the siloed, legacy systems that are holding them back. And at NCR, we make it easy.