MyNCR Access

MyNCR Access

NCR is moving enthusiastically forward in our separation into two industry-leading companies: NCR Voyix, focused on digital commerce (digital banking, hospitality, retail), and NCR Atleos, focused on ATMs. We appreciate having you on this journey. As we prepare for separation, we want to inform you of some upcoming changes within MyNCR.

Starting today, we will begin pointing customers to their respective customer portals.

Retail, Hospitality, and Digital Banking Customers

Retail, Hospitality, and Digital Banking customers can access their customer portal in the link below to view their account. 

Banking, Telecom, and Payments & Network Customers

You should have received a welcome email from [email protected] with the subject line “Welcome to MyNCR Atleos.” Please review this email and follow the instructions to set up your account.  

Once set up, you can use the link below to access your MyNCR Atleos customer portal. Please use the url below going forward to access your account information, view invoices and order history, and access your applications.

If you do not receive the welcome email, have any troubles logging in, need a password reset, and/or have a general question please contact [email protected].

For billing or sales questions, please contact your account executive.