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We design customer-focused transformation strategies that simplify operations and build on what you already have, so getting to the future feels simple.

Digital transformation works best with a partner.

We help you map the right solution, quarterback implementation and test everything to make sure it drives your ongoing success.


For Restaurants

We help restaurants deliver market-defining experiences that keep you ahead of your competition.

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For Retailers

We help retailers develop the right strategy, implement the right technology and drive measurable business success.

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For Banks

We help banks increase customer acquisition, retention, and engagement while driving down costs and improving profitability.

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NCR Data and AI Solutions

Harness the power of Data and AI to drive the future of your business.
In today’s constantly changing marketplace, brands that win are those that can adapt in real-time.

Customer Story

NCR helped one of the world's largest banks do something really amazing that set the standard for frictionless experience.

Today's customers demand simple, memorable experiences that are personalized and follow them wherever they want to go.

As the market leader in transaction technology, we leverage distinctive insights and expertise to help you deliver frictionless experiences that keep customers coming back again and again.

In today's constantly changing marketplace, brands that win are those that can adapt in real-time. We'll connect your data from end-to-end, giving you the tools you need to make better decisions, faster.

Customer preference, technology, and regulation are changing at a break-neck pace. And to win—not only do you have to keep up—you have to stay ahead of the competition.

We'll help you develop a comprehensive future-ready strategy and implement the right technology so you can keep delighting your customers—all while running your business smoother and more profitably.


Is your technology delivering the results you want?

Technology is the backbone of business, but many companies aren't optimizing their infrastructure to get the results they demand. As the global leader in transaction technology, we'll make sure your technology is designed, configured, and optimized to deliver on your goals and help you compete.‍

With more than 4,000 professional service resources around the globe, we'll help ensure smooth deployment of and implementation of NCR products and services using our best of breed delivery methodology.

Get unmatched expertise. Only with NCR.

As a global leader in banking, retail, and restaurant technology, we are uniquely positioned to help your business deliver powerful results from end-to-end.

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Business Process Optimization


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