ATM as a Service

You run your business.
Let NCR run your ATMs.

With ATM as a Service, NCR will run your entire ATM operation so that you can benefit from greater efficiencies and better experiences.


How does it work?

ATM as a Service is everything required to run the ATM channel, delivered by one partner for a single monthly fee, with a contracted business outcome.

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What is included?

ATM Hardware

As the self-service channel is an extension of your brand, putting your best foot forward with the latest functionality is key. With ATM as a Service, you can deploy the newest innovations in ATM technology without the upfront investment or burden of keeping the hardware always on, and always compliant. And with over 800,000 ATMs deployed in over 130 countries, NCR is the largest global ATM deployer and the strategic partner of choice.

ATM Software

Driving differentiated customer experiences into the self-service channel will set your brand apart from the competition. With NCR’s high-functioning enterprise software stack, we’ll build, test, monitor and distribute the end-to-end platform on your behalf.

ATM IT Operations

Monitoring and maintaining your ATM fleet requires 24/7 support and a vast network of people, process, tools and analytics, to effectively resolve any issues. With ATM as a Service, NCR is responsible for proactively supporting your fleet to maintain the highest level of availability.

ATM Field Support

Monitoring and maintaining your ATM fleet requires 24/7 support and a vast network of people, process, tools and analytics to effectively resolve any issues. With ATM as a Service, NCR proactively supports your fleet to maintain the highest level of availability.

Additional Options

NCR can take on accountability for your entire ATM operation by adding more services to your As a Service agreement such as:

• ATM Marketing

• Cash Management

• Cash Ownership*

• Implementation Management (Secure Network Communications)

• Performance Management (Cash Forecasting and Cleaning Services)

• Transaction Management*(Processing, Terminal Driving, Reconciliation)

*Depending on region


Why should you consider ATM as a Service?

As the world's largest owner and operator of ATMs, we understand running the technology platform can be complex. What are some of the business challenges you face today?­
Technology and tools
Having the right software and technology to ensure the best customer experiences
Job roles and skills
Employing the right people with right skills
Ensuring 24/7 monitoring and maintenance of the ATM fleet
Pace of change
Ensuring ongoing compliance with changing regulations
Buy and budget
Managing unpredicted capital expenditure
Ensuring ATMs are secure from logical and physical attacks
With NCR ATM as a Service, FNBO transformed its operation by outsourcing to a strategic partner.
“No other vendor was able to cover as much of the operational functions as NCR “ - FNBO­
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ATM as a Service Explained

Increase efficiencies and enhance experiences

Download our ATM as a Service infographic to learn more about how partnering with NCR can simplify operations and empower business growth.
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Customer Value

What is the value?

By letting NCR run your ATM channel, you’ll benefit from greater efficiencies, better experiences and so much more.
Simplification with one partner
  • Single vendor
  • Single contract
  • Single monthly bill
  • Single point of contact
Greater business efficiency
  • Predictable cost model
  • Increased ATM availability
  • Predictive maintenance and cash forecasting
  • Compliance and risk management
Enhanced customer experience
  • Digital first software and hardware
  • Empowered staff
  • Personalized customer relations
  • Re-routed capital towards innovation
why NCR?

NCR has the power, scale and expertise to run your ATMs.


Global provider of multi-vendor ATM software applications and middleware


In ATM shipments and leading second line maintenance provider

130+ Years

of technology innovation

Over 800K

ATMs installed globally

Over 600K

devices serviced by NCR

+285,000 ATMs

­largest ATM owner/operator in the world

Over 20K

service professionals globally

Over 8 million

service requests remotely resolved

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