Offering a better gas station experience

Published July 15, 2021

A Point of Sale system combines software and hardware to facilitate ease and functionality in your daily business operations. Convenience stores can benefit from various aspects of a convenience store POS system to provide a better gas station experience for the customer, including: 

Inventory mismanagement

One of the most common challenges is inventory mismanagement.  Miscalculating the convenience store owners' supply and demand equation can result in many dissatisfied customers. 

In this case, a convenience store POS system helps you keep track of your store's inventory in real-time, making inventory management much easier. As a result, you can check the number of products available at any time. The process is as simple as scanning the items once and entering the quantity. 

The POS software will record the inventory, saving you the time and energy you would otherwise spend on manual tracking while eliminating human error. Then, each time you make a transaction, the item is deducted from the total inventory.


Limited store size

The limited store size is another major challenge faced by convenience store owners, as the average convenience store is approximately 2,425 square feet. This restriction severely limits the number of items you can stock at a time. 

In this case, you need to stock your store strategically. If market research tells you to buy more of a product, but your POS tells you that no customer ever buys that product from your store, trust your convenience store POS software.

Different areas have different requirements for a quick convenience store run. For example, if your customers visit most often for a quick energy drink fix, it's best to invest in better or more fridges for your convenience store. 

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Appropriate pricing

Finding the right balance between a convenient range and the correct pricing is another challenge you may face as a convenience store owner. It's worth noting that you have the right to charge higher prices if you're buying certain products from suppliers at a high cost. 

In this case, you can increase sales by including specials for premium or expensive products. For example, you may package a popular, expensive product with a cost-effective one as a BOGO offer. 

Your POS software helps you keep track of these offers and discounts by calculating your profit and the customer's benefit each time you make a transaction.

Convincing customers to buy more

It can also be quite challenging to convince customers to buy more in convenience stores. So how can you persuade a customer to buy more than the basics they came to collect? Here, you can utilize a transaction-building strategy by stocking impulse purchases, complementing the essentials that customers come to your store for. 

Your customers will purchase these items as an afterthought, adding to their total. You may even package these essentials with impulse purchases as two or three-for-one specials. For example, you could bundle a bag of chips, a bottle of coke, and a bar of chocolate and sell them at a slightly lower price than their original prices combined. 

Good convenience store POS systems will help you easily manage these combined prices and the separate prices of each product. 

Supplier order management

Convenience stores rarely have a niche, stocking a wide variety of products one could need conveniently. Keeping track of your suppliers and their orders can be challenging. Convenience store POS systems help with supplier order management by tracking all orders purchased.

Their open API connects you directly to the supplier and lets you view all your invoices when you place a purchase order. As a result, you can control how many orders you've placed, how much they cost, and when they'll arrive. 

Since the convenience store Point of Sale (POS) system keeps track of your monthly, weekly, or daily inventory, it also makes it easier for you to plan future orders. 

Data security 

Due to the accessibility of your convenience store, the security level of the customer data and product inventory is low. A POS system ensures that the data is only accessible to the convenience store owner and employee.

POS systems protect your data with the help of double user authentication, reducing the intrusion of malicious users. A cloud-based POS system is best when you want to back up and save your data online so that you can access it from other devices or locations. 

Employee management

Since a convenience store or grocery store runs 24/7, multiple employees are running multiple shifts, making it hard to manage employee information, hours, sales, and salaries. POS systems track all this information on one platform, simplifying your daily convenience store operations. 

This way, convenience store owners can track employee performance without having to be at the store at all times. As a result, they can build better schedules, offer training, and optimize employee hours.

Regular upgrades

The small scale of convenience stores is why they're often dismissed when it comes to upgrades and digitization. A POS ensures that the system is regularly upgraded with new prices and products without the need for additional investments. 

These updates automatically include any new features, fixed bugs, etc. You may even find some POS providers that manage your system for you, so your employees don't have to upgrade the POS systems.

Regular customers

If there's any place that has a group of regular customers, it's a convenience store. These customers make their daily morning run for bread and eggs or make a pit stop on the way home from work for a quick snack fix. 

A POS system keeps track of identical orders, associating them with a customer and recommending other products in your store based on their previous purchases. The POS system will also guide them toward specials and discounts that could benefit them. 

Quick transactions

When a customer enters a convenience store, they expect what the name entails: convenience. That means they want to find their desired product easily and complete the transaction quickly, which is precisely why you need point of sale software. 

The best POS system will ensure quicker transactions to help customers spend less time at the cash register. It expedites every aspect of convenience store shopping, from inventory management, orders, and payment processing, to customer management. 

This way, employees can focus on more aspects, such as customer support and guidance. Meanwhile, your convenience store can also benefit from reduced costs with the help of a POS system, saving approximately 10% of your annual revenue

Cashless payments

One of the main issues grocery store owners struggle with is the lack of safety for their assets. That includes the cash drawer, which is too easy to rob, and inventory. Convenience store software for POS offers the safest option for both customers and employees.

Convenience or grocery store POS systems enable cashless and secure payments via credit card, Google Pay, or even a gift card and security features such as a PIN pad or two-factor authentication.

Offer a better gas station experience with a retail POS system

Convenience stores have a long way to go before they become truly convenient. Inventory mismanagement, minimal security, and insufficient digitization are a few challenges that hinder the functionality and accessibility of a gas station experience. 

Choose a  provider that offers a POS solution with the technology to enable quicker transactions, regular upgrades, better supplier order management, inventory tracking, and other benefits. 

A top notch retail Point of Sale solution also helps build customer loyalty and trust. Deliver  a better gas station experience for your customers.

Maximize customer engagement and loyalty.

Drive repeat visits and boost revenue through optimized, data-driven marketing

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