How to meet and exceed new guest expectations webinar

Published June 26, 2020

Restaurants everywhere are reopening their dining rooms that were temporarily closed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now they’re having to adapt to changes in restaurant operations and in the expectations of the guests they serve.

No matter the style of service or the concept, operators everywhere will need to focus on delivering their primary offerings—great food and great service—while adhering to local regulations and guest preferences about safety.

But in addressing these immediate needs, dictated by consumers and local governments, operators should also be forward-thinking in terms of how they can best establish their operations to capitalize on changing guest expectations after the pandemic subsides.

What are the 5 different ways guests will interact with restaurants post-pandemic?

Watch the webinar to find out.

To succeed, keep guests coming back and compete on customer experience, it’s critical to embrace the change and not just meet—but exceed—these new expectations. Watch our webinar recording to learn more about the five different ways guests will interact with restaurants as we emerge from the pandemic and beyond, as well as how brands should prepare their operations now to safely accommodate their guests’ preferences and exceed their expectations.

Watch the webinar here.

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