Faster transactions and better management with NCR Emerald

Unifying multiple touchpoints and a few manual processes into one seamless, innovative customer experience.

"We've got a total of 14 integrations done with the NCR Emerald system through their open API and some of those integrations were done in just a couple of weeks. It has been a tremendous partnership. NCR has really stepped up to the plate to make sure the system is state of the art." 

— John D'Anna, CIO, Northgate Market

What they needed

Consolidated touchpoints & processes

The founder of Northgate Market, Don Miguel, opened his first location in a 3,000 sq. ft. store in Anaheim, Calif. on January 2, 1980. The team prided themselves on unmatched customer service and attention, not to mention shelves of authentic ingredients from all over Mexico.

Today, with 42 stores across Southern California, Northgate Market is still running on those same ideals: deep care for their customers, fresh and authentic Latin American ingredients, ready-to-cook and prepared meals—plus financial services for the underbanked. When it came time to upgrade their POS, they needed a solution that would manage all of these different touchpoints, experiences and sometimes manual processes while helping them deliver even more meaningful services for customers and adapt for the future.

What we delivered

A unified enterprise POS platform

NCR Emerald is a cloud-ready API-first enterprise POS platform, it connects every profit center and touchpoint, from the POS to prepared foods to the back office and beyond–all in one system. Northgate deployed fast, from project start to first store pilot in six months. With Emerald, all of Northgate's systems are unified into a single experience for shoppers and employees, speeding transactions, improving efficiency and providing a single view of operations and customers across every channel. Best of all, Northgate now has an advanced, flexible platform that makes it easy to add innovative new features and services that help them keep up with the market.

"Now with NCR having their Emerald platform they have a state of the art platform that can meet the needs of the Retail industry." - John D'Anna, CIO, Northgate Market.

What happened next

Faster transactions & fast-tracked innovation

After the pilot was implemented, they exceeded transaction times within four days. Now, double the transaction speed is the order of the day. And that pace has made a noticeable difference for employees and customers. "In the time it took us to serve one customer, now we can serve two." said Customer Service Lead Heidi Hernandez. Cashiers can get onboarded faster, too, since the system is intuitive. Emerald also eliminated manual processes in the back office, further saving time, with managers reporting they're able to spend more time focusing on customers.

"We ended up selecting NCR because I looked at everything out there–but when I saw their architecture, the people behind it and the level of commitment behind it," he said, " it was a really easy decision to make."

"It has been a tremendous partnership. NCR has stepped up to the plate to make sure NCR Emerald is state of the art. ”

 – John D'Anna, CIO Northgate Market