Customized strategies and insights for ITMs

What does it take to get 40% more banking customers using a key technology like Interactive Teller Machines?

“The work exceeded our executive management team's expectations.”

— Joe Gibbs, Director of Customer Experience
What they needed

More customers using ITMs

Founded in 1889, Trustmark established a banking system that spread across the state of Mississippi. Over time, they entered the insurance industry and added wealth management and risk management to their services. Throughout their history, they've sought to provide outstanding customer satisfaction, to know their customers and to provide them with the trust they need in a financial institution. In line with that, Trustmark made a significant investment in the ITM solution (myTeller) designed to provide multi-channel self-service options for its customers. Their ITMs gained traction with their users but not to capacity, limiting their ROI potential.

What we delivered

A customized engagement strategy

NCR created a completely customized strategy around Trustmark's ITM solution. The team began by conducting a discovery audit into how customers and staff were using myTeller. This included site visits to branches in the Mississippi area to observe operational processes, monitor customer behavior and interview employees. Based on the analysis they conducted and on best practices for marketing, facilities, operations, human resources and more, the team provided strategic recommendations to improve customer and staff engagement with myTeller. They also provided benchmark data and KPIs for auditing the new strategy's impacts on customers, staff, sales, infrastructure and operations in the months following the implementations. 

What happened next

40% more adoption

Aided by the strategy during the pandemic, Trustmark quickly and effectively deployed more units and saw a 40% increase in ITM adoption. The strategy advised Trustmark on how to better manage the ITM channel: 

  • Identify optimal sites for new ITMs
  • Rally internal support
  • Promote ITM use to lobby-loyal customers
  • Train branch staff to encourage ITM use
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Gain Gen-Z customers without losing 50+ customers
  • Maximize ROI in ITMs