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Get out of the weeds with our Pulse Real-Time app for general managers and restaurant executives.
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The Aloha app most managers can’t live without

  • Notifications alert you to unusual activity so you can uncover and address issues immediately
  • Manage and view multiple locations from high-level stats down to the individual check-level and compare performance
  • Sales forecasting helps you staff the right number of     employees and save money on labor costs
  • Recognize and reward your best employees while changing     the negative behaviors that can impact your profit margin
  • Customizable dashboard that highlights KPIs like net sales, labor percentage, number of voids and comps, and much more

 Impact of Pulse Real-Time

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Sales Data
Track sales by category down to the individual item level. Sales can be viewed by hour, day part, revenue center, category and individual reporting channels.  
Labor Data
Track employees nearing overtime to ensure labor compliance. Identify your MVPs using a ranking of each employee’s sales, tip averages and table turns. Drill down into each job code to see who’s currently on the clock and who’s on break.
Digital Receipts
Sales Forecast
Track how you are performing against previous weeks using the sales forecast.
Saved Credit Cards
Check Detail
Review all closed and open checks for the day. Identify voids, comps and/or promotions using color-coded alerts for easy and fast spot auditing.
Loyalty & Stored Values
Table Information
View table turn times and quickly see how many tables are occupied and guests seated.

NCR Pulse Real-Time can provide immediate insights for your restaurant.

NCR Pulse Real-Time is a mobile cloud reporting, alerts and analytics tool that restaurant owners and their management teams use to run their business – in real-time, no matter where they are. With the app, they gain easy access to real-time insights pulled directly from their Aloha POS system, helping them save time and money.

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Run your restaurant fearlessly

NCR point-of-sale makes simple possible.

NCR Aloha is an all-in-one, cloud-enabled restaurant management and point-of-sale (POS) system that helps restaurants focus on their food, not their technology.

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NCR PUlse Real-time

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Our restaurant POS solutions are built by industry experts to helpincrease guest engagement, speed and efficiency.  

Aloha POS hardware
Aloha Cloud
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Aloha Essentials
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Point of Sale
Customer Care & Onboarding Support
Payment Processing + EMV
Basic Loyalty
Restaurant Grade Hardware
Email Marketing
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Online Ordering
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Contactless Order & Payments via QR Code
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Advanced Reporting & Business Intelligence
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Gift Cards
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Advanced Loyalty and Marketing
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Digital Signage
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Labor and Inventory Management
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