Adopt the latest c-store technologies to enhance the checkout experience

POS digital technology enables convenience stores to improve the customer experience

Published July 15, 2022

Modern customers prioritize convenience more heavily than ever. Convenience stores, or C-stores, are in the perfect position to capitalize on this trend. However, for C-store owners to actually make the most of this opportunity, they need to understand that consumers want convenient technology as well.

Technical advances like mobile ordering and self-checkout make all the difference in the customer experience, particularly when convenience is a priority. Learn how technology for mobile ordering convenience stores improves the customer experience and solves some of the most challenging problems for C-stores.

Common struggles convenience stores experience

The most successful C-stores know that centering convenience is fundamental to their success. The problem is that as a convenience store grows in popularity, it can become less convenient for its customers.

For example, during rushes, C-stores can actually lose sales as customers see long lines and decide not to make a purchase. Most C-stores target people who are looking to make a quick purchase on their way to somewhere else. Anything that extends this process, including long wait times during busy periods, can prevent you from making sales.

According to a study by The NPD Group, the average convenience store sees significant rush periods during morning and evening commutes. Handling these peak hours is essential if you want to maintain customer satisfaction. Mobile ordering and other mobile device technology can help streamline the checkout process, helping you avoid losing sales and loyalty by addressing issues like:

Congestion During Peak Hours

You might think that it's inevitable for lines to build up in front of checkout points when your c-store is at its busiest. If you rely on staffed checkout registers, lines can get long and may make potential customers think twice about their grocery purchases due to the wait time.

Mobile ordering apps can address this issue. With mobile ordering, your customers can place and pay for their order in advance on the mobile app. All they need to do upon getting to your location is to pick up their order and go. Not only can this help you avoid lost sales, but it can also help you reduce congestion overall as fewer shoppers need to wait in line to check out.

Staffing Effectively

Another common problem C-stores face is determining how to effectively staff the store. Ensure that there is enough staff on the floor to handle peak hours without wasting resources during lulls.

You can simplify staffing through mobile app orders and self-checkout options. Since these reduce peak hour congestion, you won't need extra staff on registers, so staffing fluctuations are minimized. Before and after rushes, you can make the most of your associates' time by having them maintain the store and fulfill each mobile order in advance.

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How mobile ordering improves the convenience store experience

Online ordering with a mobile app does more than simply reduce congestion and lost sales. It also makes your c-store more competitive by improving the customer experience and encouraging upsells and cross-sells.

Customers who are commuting are on a time crunch when they visit your store. With a mobile ordering app, they don't have to guess whether they have enough time to get in, make their purchase, and get out. They can trust that their ordered items will be ready on time, keeping them on schedule. In short, a mobile ordering app makes your customers' shopping experience seamless.

Similarly, you can use mobile ordering platforms to make recommendations to customers, increasing the average purchase size at your store. These recommendations also mean customers are less likely to forget items they need. As a result, they're more likely to leave your store satisfied. Why do these improvements matter? Speed and convenience are two of the most critical elements of the c-store customer experience. Consumers prefer stores that make their lives easier. Adding mobile ordering to your c-store increases the store's efficiency overall, making it more appealing to your target market and building loyalty. Implementing mobile ordering app technology allows you to address the most common problems C-stores face during peak hours while improving the overall customer experience.

Explore the benefits of mobile ordering for your c-store

Convenience retailers are all about making the shopping experience as easy as possible. Modern technology makes this easier than ever. With mobile ordering, C-stores can become more competitive, appealing, and convenient.

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